A Review of the Movie "Twilight"

Complete spoiler Folks!

Okay, I will blog again, about my movie ticket problem later…first of all, let me just say a friend of mine and her coworkers were very gung ho about seeing the infamous Edward, Jacob, and yes, even Bella. I have written articles in support of Rob Pattinson, because really, I thought he was cute anyway, but after watching Twilight…OMG, he was hot! Jacob—hotter!

Alright so, first off the line of the movie- “I never given much thought as to how I would die…” Works right into the movie, and the critics were right: Squeals of pure delight ripped from adults and teens in the theater could be heard as soon as the title Twilight appeared on screen. I was like, “Okay, now this movie better be good.” So, I sit back and drink my cold Nestea, and was so happy to have movie begin, just like how the book began. Everything was just like I pictured. It was misty, gray outside all the time, rain and fog, and Bella actually looked similar to the Bella in my mind when I was curled up with the books.

A few characters: Eric and Tyler, who most may have pictured to be white, was Asian and Black, especially Laurent, whom I had in mind as a caucasian male, but you know what? So be it, its a multicultured world, and if Myers and the director had no qualms about it, neither do I.

I was tickled to death by Edward’s mannerisms, cool, and sexy, and in control. I loved the part in biology lab when his eyes kept watching Bella and he would hold his hand over his mouth like he would puke in an instant, and she self consciously sniffs her hair. I laughed, it was that darned funny. But then when Edward comes back to school, his eyes were this really honey brown, and it worked so good on Rob Pattinson. My friend and I swooned- hard, and slipped down in our seats. “He looks kind of hot! Oh goodness!” I fanned myself. if I only Iwere in Kristen Stewart’s place for one day…one day!

People who know me, knows that I am a team Jacob fan. So when I saw cute Taylor Lautner…I was dumbstruck. That boy has a wicked pretty smile! And the pearliest white teeth I have ever seen. He played his part really well, and even the actor playing as James was also gorgeous. I couldn’t contain soft giggles erupting from me. I was fifteen all over again. I know, I’m silly and sappy.

Okay, now to the actual critical part: the movie was Just. Like. The. Book. I mean, exactly, with few things cut out(that could have the movie a blockbuster if you asked me). It was still enjoyable to us fans because we read the book. But as one of our associates said: “If you hadn’t read Twilight, the movie was bland” meaning, it would just be a girl in love with vampire movie with a few kills, no blood shed, and a few people wondering:Why did I pay to see this movie? Yeah, it’s true. The entire time, I really enjoyed myself and will see it over and over again, and buy the DVD. Currently, I am trying to reread the novels again. (Wonder how I will do that?)

So, my word of advice is this: Twilight fans, please go out and support this movie. It was awesome, and stuck to the books. If your friends know nothing about Twilight, tell them to a)read the entire series or b) Read my blog before going.




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