Ideas in Writing

I am trying really hard to get out at least 175 pages of a novel. That is why I am now a part of Nanowrimo. Perhaps competing, and being told to crank out 50,000 words in one month will motivate me to get my butt on computer and begin to type my story. I began November 2nd or 4th-can’t remember, but anyway, here is a short synopsis taken from my nanowrimo blurb:

“Ani is a young woman faced with dreams of college, writing books, and how to get over her dad and his new life. Along with those problems, Ani discovers an unlikely friend and a unique ability, quite unknown to man in these modern times. With this ability she has unwittingly made more enemies than friends, and those elements will combine to show her what the world is really like when people are not paying attention.”

Okay, thats the blurb. I’m not sure I want to post more at this time. Like excerpts and chapter by chapter stuff. What I do know, is that for now I will be busy. It’s kind of hard with this story though, because I am quite sure where I want it to go, I just want it to sound different and actually be a seller.



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