Single Sashimi by Camy Tang

I really enjoyed Single Sashimi, I believe that I saw a little of myself in Venus Chau. Okay, well here’s the summary:

Venus Chau is a video game designer and she has the perfect game she has been designing to start off her own company, but she works at Oomvid for now. Unfortunately, Venus has a few haters in her company who are itching to lay their hands on her work, and some don’t like her simply because she is a woman-a woman who wears dark suits made for a man, a woman who is very intelligent…and pretty. Of course right when things couldn’t go much worse, she gets a call from her old boss Drake Yu after six long years, and he is very different. No longer crass, demeaning, nor demanding but very obliging, and he goes to church! It does help that he’s good looking too, of course.

So basically I enjoyed this book while cramming for exams because Venus seemed to go from one downfall to another, but I praised her character’s courage because her faith in God was intact. It wavered, but it was so good to know she knew her source of help and protection.

Venus tended to rely on outside things even more so though: chocolate for one, expensive suits, and stilletos. I feel she relied on these things because they were easy to control when the world told her she was weak and not in control- but truth be told by the end of the book, we all know that God was still in control.

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