Camy Tang’s Only Uni

I just finished Only Uni and I truly could not put this one down. I really liked Trish, now that I’ve got to read her own story and what she had to go through. I really enjoyed how Tang threw in the worship service and the music. And how sometimes we don’t always get to follow our rules to the T.
Here’s a short summary of Only Uni

Trish Sakai, a senior biologist, is trying to change from her flirtatious ways. She has developed three simple rules(but not so simple) to become God’s Leading Lady.

  • Rule #1 Don’t look at guys
  • Rule#2Tell others about Christ
  • Rule#3 Persevere and rely on God

The only problem is that Trish is working next to hunk Spenser Wong and she is still having problems with artist, Kazuo following her at her grandmother’s request. She mistakenly believes that Spenser is like all the rest because she’s seen him with beautiful long legged women, while Trish was short and so not like them. So she purposely avoids him and throws herself into work. But little did she know that Spenser had an eye out for a short, cute girl with a smile that lit up rooms, and her name is Trish.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I wish more people could read these books. I learned much from reading Only Uni. That’s why christian novels are so cool. You are getting a good read while learning about God.

Here are four things I learnedfrom reading Only Uni:

  • Rely on God for all things(and this doesn’t make Him a genie either)
  • We are beautiful in God’s eye, and the right man will be one after God’s own heart.
  • Things aren’t always what they seem
  • Worship God in your own special way, no one can make you deviate from that.

Peace and Blessings,



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