Filtered, A Conversation Between Two Gods #ShortFictionFromaCrazyMind

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In this short story, two gods meet across realms to discuss how they govern humans. Could both methods be wrong?

The Beautiful One, shining like jasper, sits upon an invisible throne and overlooks his creation. It has been millennia and more since he made them. He wound the clock, set them up and enjoy watching them from his heavenly view.

“Old Friend!” Beckons Silver One. “Are we well?”

“As well as can be,” Beautiful One looks down on a couple holding hands. His heart paces faster as they engage in a kiss and the soon to be groom plucks a hair behind the bride’s lovely ear.

“If you look to your left, Oh, Beautiful One, there is sand kicking up in that land over there.” Silver One’s platinum fingers rest on Beautiful One’s shoulder. Silver One laughed like a beautiful witch,  yet had the build of a gladiator.

Silver One would remind you Silver Surfer, but could be male or female.

“Yes. I see.”

“Will you not send your messengers to stop it? I hear the cries of the hungry too. They are akin to mewling kittens.”

Beautiful One chuckled, although with a long face full of sadness. “Some of the sand will stop. Someone is praying and they are strong.”

Silver One leaves Beautiful One’s side. He(or she) pulls out a very light, thin device. It is flat and similar to an iPad or a smartphone but much lighter. Silver One plugs in a few codes.

“Whatever are you doing now?”

“Someone’s thoughts went awry. Can’t have that. You know I saw her future ten minutes ago? She was literally going to stab the ones who made her. In their sleep!” Silver One cast white eyes back to the pad. “I’m signaling a messenger now to stop two couples from procreating. I think I may issue death by heart attack before the sex begins. Maybe he will topple over her.” He tsk tsked. “Bad programming or a bug.”

Beautiful One wanted to intervene, tell Silver One that would not be right, but Silver One was a god, just like him. Who was he to tell him(her) they were wrong? Perhaps this was best.

“This keeps you busy then.”

“Yeah. I have a filtering system built into all my humans. Some of them go off code and I have to turn them back to their true selves.”

“I’m quite surprised you allow them to reproduce.”

“Allow? No. Each one has a set time to procreate, dear Beautiful One. Keeps the population balanced.” Silver One clicked away on the device and mumbled something about goblins and guns. “I purposely selected a few to remain sterile for experimental reasons.”

Beautiful One turned his attention back to his people. Someone over in the Americas  was praising a flag before sport and the chorus of a single one lifted to his ears. Such beautiful notes from a people who choose to idolize fabric! To idolize his land!

Silver One was watching too. “If my own did that, I would have no problems with it.”


“Really. I have programmed their bodies to shut down if they ever did something like that.”

“How cruel.”

“You? Call me cruel?” Silver One’s face bunched up in disgust as if tasting something foul. “You unlovable goat. “You are the same one who sat by and watched some disgusting punk of flesh abuse and give his betrothed AIDS. Now you still have a poverty problem and let’s not get into race issues which should have been deaded long ago. It was only asleep.” Silver One’s eyes rolled.

Beautiful One took his old friend’s words with a pinch of salt. They always got into the same tired arguments when they cross lines like this.

“There was a time I did intervene,” he bowed is head. “No sense in doing that anymore.” Beautiful One was still as wrathful as ever and Silver One witnessed his pulsing fury. He deals with things in due time.

“They are disobedient!” Silver One spat. “They harm each other and then curse you! What of that? You could have eradicated the putrid squirt from the male as soon as it emptied into-”

“If you pay attention, you will see that even the bad works out for their good. Even in dark cruelty, I provide all they need to be strong. Are your people strong, Silver One?”

Silver One smiled. “They are because I made them that way.”

“But will they be able to face unique situations. Situations which makes them hardy?”

“Of course. I have programmed them for strength.”

Beautiful One stroked his majestic white beard. A stark contrast to his honey countenance. Endurance was the word he was looking for. People should be able to endure. Be stretched, pulled, come forth as gold by fire. Isn’t that right?

No. It is right. More than right.

Silver One’s attention went back to the device. Beautiful One knew what he(she) was up to. Clicking away to control another person.

After a moment, Silver One looked up. “For example. As soon as a cry enters my ear, I rush and help. There is no poverty, no murder, no unwanted babies. A perfect utopia.”

“Then what will they have to look forward to when they die? More utopia?”

“Haha. Very funny. It will better than where they are now.”

“Better,” Beautiful One repeated. “How will they know and realize what better is? May be boring.”

Silver One placed hands on their hips. “What would you know? You’re a tyrant. Your people write about how you are love and I hear their cries all over my universe too! They cry and you allow them to be maimed and mowed down and amazingly the same ones still believe in you- but with a different opinion of you.”

“Yes,” Beautiful One agreed with some anger. “They kill one another and have uncalled for prejudices. I made them all different for a purpose. I am an artist, a Designer. Beautiful flowers like the ones on our earths.”

“Big mistake, big guy, but you are a poet” Silver One pat him on the back softly like a comrade. In many ways, he was. “So much difference. So many different psychologies, so many different experiences, produces wicked results. And Moses! He struck a rock in anger and you made him miss out on paradise.”

“He’s in paradise. Not on earth of course.”

“Well of course not on earth. Your earth is a cesspool. Come, let’s go over to my earth and you will see how my people live.”

Beautiful One did not think “live” was a good word. More like programmed.

However, he stood up and joined Silver One as they embarked on visiting Earth Utopia 2.

To be continued…

Copyright 2018 Erica Jean Smith

I hope you liked this one. I’ve been reading some Christian Apologetics books and I have tons of questions about freedom, choices, and divine intervention. Let me know what you think!



Your Challenge: Can You Find Truth in Fiction?

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Memoirs, self-help and other books lend themselves to reality naturally. We automatically learn something from them.

But what of fiction?

I have heard it said from genuine readers that non-fiction is more their style because they get more out of it. Plucking up a book of fantasy is- well- not a good idea to them. These tend to be your newspaper lovers and health magazine lovers or simply people who love reading about the world around them.

And guess what? I do too! I love reading non-fiction, newspapers and my personal love: memoirs. So, I definitely understand.

But fiction can offer more than we think.

It reminds me of the quote by William Styron,

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

Due to my hungry, greedy fictional reading habits, I have journeyed to worlds where a mathematician set on saving the world, people who can morph into  rabbits and bears at will, a woman in love with a cyborg, a gangsta princess and more!

My challenge to you(and myself) is to begin to find those rare jewels within the fiction world that mirrors reality.

For instance, the book I am reading now is historical fiction so it will be easy for me to look up an object or event and discuss it. Say you read a paranormal fiction, or romance novel though. What was mentioned in the book that you’d like to look up?

Happy reading and blogging!

~The Write Web

Every Writer’s Fear…Or Maybe Just Mine

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I stick to safe topics. Often and darn near always.

In my mind I have these awesome stories to tell but then I stray away from them because I worry if some imaginary person will think it is too futuristic or too backwards, too religious or too sleazy. So some stories have slowly disappeared from my mind and I have not revisited them.

Have you ever gone though this as a writer?

For instance, today, I am excited because I am working on my third volume of poetry which is going to be a little different from my first two books but the love story I want to tell for my fiction…I don’t know. Are people ready for the genre blend? Has the dead horse been beaten already or should we take a closer look from a different angle?

I admire books by Philip K. Dick(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), Stephenie Meyer(The Host), Stephen King(All his work), and Dean Koontz(The Silent Corner)- they break genres and categories and maybe at some point thought about the audience and just said, to heck with it- WRITE!

But how much should audience matter? I love the fans of my work!

I guess it boils down to not being afraid. It’s a psychological drug candy, ain’t it? You shouldn’t be afraid of becoming a better you or writing a book that could be potentially amazing. But we are. We are all afraid, because I think deep down, along with greatness we may forget our humble, child-like selves. We know with more money more problems. We know with more fame, more potential shame.

As I write this, I take a deep breath and realize I am not alone. How do I choose what to write and promote?

My heart and mind must be one. My heart says go along with the traditional, you love this stuff! My mind says, bend it, break it all and see what happens. Watch what you have sown and it shall reap.


Anyway, I hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! I’d love to hear them!



Do Androids Really Dream?

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My husband bought me an incredible book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick. Ever since watching Season 1 of Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime, we have become addicted to his stories and was surprised by this gift which I hear inspired the movie Blade Runner.

After reading this book, I understand the lyrics and Janelle Monae’s style even more. She appears in Electric Dreams! I am so happy for her!electric lady

In the book, bounty hunter Rick Deckard “retires” andys(androids) for a living. He feels no shame in killing them because they are machines. His wife disagrees with his profession, but then again, his wife is addicted to the emotion box where a person can download feelings(so I guess this like a new drug. Pick an assortment of emotions per day). Eventually, Deckard finds himself in a moral quandary that could prove fatal for his journey as a bounty hunter and a husband…as a person.

He wondered, now, about her, too. Some female androids seemed to him, pretty; he had found himself physically attracted by several and it was an odd sensation, knowing intellectually that they were machines...”(Electric Dreams, pg. 88, 2017, 1968)

What tripped me up good in the book, is that anyone could be an android. Opera singers, sales associates. You just never know. In order to figure this out, Deckard had to test them and some would become enraged that they are being tested.

What really makes this an exceptional work are the many messages displayed within the work. At some point I think the message could simply be: we are what we have to be, when we need to be it.

Then, another message towards the end could be: What is loneliness?

If androids can have sex, eat, drink, and rationalize…can they dream also?

What is the symbol of the electric sheep?

The problem with reading this book is you must sip it slow like wine. You could miss some intricate part of the message and it may get lost in the “kipple”, but when you step back and look over at the big picture you will question what it means to live- as the androids often do.

There are several pieces of backstory involved as well which serves as reminders of the world Deckard lives in. First off, nothing is alive, so when you find a live insect or animal you can sell it for a very high price. The electric sheep Deckard has on his rooftop is a reminder of the last living sheep he used to have.

Then there is the chickenhead J.R. Isidore, who lives alone in an apartment complex and is not very bright. He cleans up dead animals from roads and unwittingly “befriends” androids who are escaped from Mars.

I would go into more detail, but I must say the way the show Electric Dreams is filmed and directed, you get the same feel from this book.

So can androids really dream?

I think so  😉

Then again, I’m kinda weird…

I highly recommend this book for science fiction readers, speculative readers and fans of Electric Dreams.

Have you read any of Philip K. Dick’s books?

~The Write Web


‘The Two of Us’ by Victoria Bylin #SoulBookSunday

the two of us

four halfheart

Pick up The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin

Published by Bethany House (2017)

ISBN: 978-0-7642-1738-8(Paperback)

*Provided free for an unbiased review from Bethany House

The Two of Us is one of those Christian romances that defines exactly how a Christian romance should be written. The main character Mia Robinson is a nurse practitioner who already had two broken engagements in her life, and when she meets Jake Tanner, even with his relaxed manner and handsomeness-  she protects her heart. Jake, ever the patient man has experienced loss in his life but the two of them will discover they have a lot more in common than they thought.

From the first chapter, I was engaged with the story. Mia represents women who already know the power of heartbreak and does not want to experience it ever again. She puts her trust totally in the Lord and believes that the doors opening for her as far as missionary work overseas, is a sign from God.

Jake Tanner, from the moment he laid eyes on Mia, knew she had a story. So does he. As a former cop who lost a partner in a terrible accident he wants to do all he can to prove he can continue to help save lives, but the one life before him needs saving in a new way. He falls for Mia but will he ever conquer her heart? Will he be the one man to prove that not all men are after one thing?

There were a few subplots going on in this story worth mentioning. All of them demonstrate the power of holding on to God while understanding we are all human too. Mia’s sister Lucy is the opposite of her- Lucy grabs life by the horns while Mia assesses a situation first, then plan. Then there was the problem of Jake wanting to honor his partner’s memory by starting a camp for teens, but with increasing violence in the town, the community clashes with Jake’s plans to bring more troubled youth there.

I can share a million thoughts on the direction that was taken but just know if you are looking a sweet, Christian romance that has all the power of real love embodied by God’s enduring love for us, pick this up.

Stay tuned for more books like this on Soul Book Sundays!


A Man Questions His Dreams in ‘The Between’

the between
Cover Image by: Harper Torch(1995)


“We’re always closest to death, when we’re asleep…”(from The Between by Tananarive Due, 1995)


Where to begin with such great writing!

In The Between, Hilton James has bad dreams that seems so real it could quite possibly be. When he was little, his grandmother saved him from drowning in Virginia Key Beach and now that a racist lunatic wants to murder his family, Hilton’s nightmares from childhood returns and this time they are making him question his own sanity.

At some point, Hilton seeks hypnotherapy from a trusted friend  and this uncovers some strange things, but it isn’t until we as the reader truly understand the supernatural-ness of what’s happening that the heart begins to pound in fear and anticipation.

Tananarive Due told such a good story I was literally upset the book was over. The book does cross all racial lines and instead has a nicely brewed blend of supernatural/horror/psychological thriller appeal to it and for this to have been her first book, is quite an accomplishment.

I feel that The Between is a hodgepodge mixture of conversations we’ve all had with ourselves and others before. In a creative way the book shares a story we all try to rationalize: Are we dreaming what is real, or really dreaming? Does a dejavu prove something more?

If a person almost dies, what can that change in their present life and is there a consequence?

I love the Final Destination movies, but I think The Between was much, much more profound.

Highly recommended!

~The Write Web


Glancing Back, Looking Forward

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Glancing back, I’ll say I’ve had an amazing February!

Not only did I visit great blogs, but was able to get my hands on books about black culture, ancient civilization and editing. It was a very productive month and I thank all the bloggers who read my work and who also featured amazing blog posts throughout the month.

A special thank you to friends and bloggers, Nortina from Lovelycurses and Marquessa Matthews for her blog posts    for creating communities of for creative writers and bloggers.

I know there are more bloggers out there and if you’d like me to visit your blog just comment below with the link! Simple as that, I’d love to hear from you.

Next, I did not get to finish the book The Between in time for February and I am still reading it. It is by one of my absolute fav authors, Tananarive Due and is about a man who could be living a dream, or dreaming while living. Very Twilight Zone-ish and Tales From the Crypt type vibe. You would love it! I will let you know soon if the book was good, but I will tell you now- it is not boring at all!

Finally, I have been silent a while because I jumped back into Fanfiction writing. That’s my nerdy/Otaku moment that is kind of addicting. I would tell you the stories I write on there but they are full of lemons and other unadulterated mess…SMH! I amazingly get plenty of reviews and clicks. It can be a challenging community but an exciting one too!

Hope you all had a blessed month and continue to have a very blessed year.

~The Write Web