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I think at this point, the truth is a giant pink elephant and anyone denying that it is right in your living rooms, your job, the streets, everywhere- are just being funny and debatable at this point. I cannot call my nation the United States no longer. In fact, I always used the term loosely because the soil is jammed packed closer and in harmony more than we are as people. We are America and America’s slip was caught showing. She pranced around mothering, policing, and fighting other nations when all along, her own stockings had holes and rips in it.

America…your slip is showing….

For years blacks have been told we are dreaming. That this forever Twilight Zone that began in 1619 was just indentured servitude, or better yet, “we sold ourselves”. But we are definitely reaping those ghosts now, aren’t we America?

For the record, I also am aware that we as black women have an extremely unique position in this world because we are oppressed, killed and mocked just as much by our own as well. Perhaps this is a separate issue that should continue to be discussed.

I am not a SJW, far from it but those are not bad acronyms to live on, really. I am not pro-black, because even that is a farce now. What I am, is something like mixed(up). I am a woman(first) who happens to be black. Who happens to live in America. Who happens to have been baptized; who happens to believe in in the validity of other religions as well.

Thank you Skillcrush, Crunchroll, Lyft and others for standing in solidarity with us.

When racially mixed people say they feel as if they do not belong to a group or a place—I’ve empathized understood that feeling. I am all mixed up: my feelings, my heritage, DNA, everything. For a black person, it goes a bit deeper. We want to feel patriotic and not think every non-white person is racist, but then we get the boot put in our necks, or the police is called on us falsely. If you are a mother, you may not even dream of your sons graduating. You just want them to live past 15.

As black people, we are amazed to live this long: black on black crime, poverty, coronavirus, police brutality…it’s a wonder we rarely snap as we should.

Whoa to America because your slip is showing. You will not get a plea as to why “You keep doing this to us?” No way. You will not get that plea here, because if you are bossy and smart enough to police nations and bash those who take a knee- you know better. You just CHOOSE to be evil.

Yes, evil is a choice America.

I’m afraid that so much has happened that there is no going back to “normal”. With the coronavirus stomping around and now Racism is blazing in its saddle once again, my only question daily is: What’s next?

Pray to whoever and whatever you know, just let Wisdom guide you.


Q and A With Kenya Wright Author of Dirty Passions

Amazon’s Bestselling Author, Kenya Wright is in the house, today! With two of her latest novels Dirty Passions of the Russian Mafia series and Missing Hearts is now on sale, it is a great time for you to catch up on her amazing, scorching hot books. You will NOT be disappointed!

Without further ado. I present to you…Ms. Kenya Wright.

Dirty Passions Book 5

The Write Web: In Dirty Kisses there is a disclaimer or “shout out” to your friend Emily as the inspiration behind the book. Was that the sole inspiration for the story and did you intend for it to be a series?

Kenya Wright: At the time of Dirty Kisses, Emily was my Alpha Reader and editor. She was someone who had a first look at all my novels and did editing. Her birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something special for her since she had been with me for a while. She asked me to write a Russian Mafia romance with an over-the-top hero. I definitely did not intend on doing a series, until the end of Dirty Kisses when I really wanted to keep following Kazimir and Emily. Now, I am working on book 6 and loving this couple.

(TWW: Pssst! I am glad because I love Emily and Kaz’s chemistry and relationship dynamic!)

TWW: What was your routine like while working on the Lion and the Mouse series(or Dirty Kisses in particular?)

KW: I watched lots of Russian films and tv shows on Netflix. I also read up on New York and since my family is from there, I was able to visit an aunt and go to areas in Harlem that are in the novel.

TWW: While writing about Emily Chambers and Kazimir Solonik, did the minor characters emerge organically?

KW: The minor characters like Maxwell stole the show many times. Now fans would love for him to have his own novel. I do plan to do that toward the end of the series. I also want to write solo novels for King David too.

Missing Hearts(Standalone novel)

To view all of Kenya’s books and biography, head over to her Amazon Page or visit Kenya’s website.

(TWW: Ohhh, a King David solo! *Insert emoji with hearted eyes*)

TWW: My fav character surprisingly is Maxwell. I don’t think I wanted to pay enough attention to him before, but since the crew went to Moscow I see even more how much he cares about Emily and he really is like the Black Mary Poppins! Do you have a favorite character or character in any of the Lion and the Mouse series? Why or why not?

KW: I would say that Kazimir is my favorite. Jean-Pierre is too, although he is more the villain at times for this particular series and the hero for his series the Butcher and Violinist. After that, I must give my love to Emily and even Kazimir’s cousin Misha.

TWW: I know as authors, the stories are definitely our babies and so even as a creator, is there any character you seriously dislike?

KW: Sadly, I dislike Kazimir’s sister Valentina. She annoys me from time to time. I’ve tried to fix how I look at her and am unable to do so. Sometimes a story needs an annoying person to shake things up.

(TWW Insert: Wow! Valentina gets on my nerves–she is definitely a complex one)

TWW: I literally bought Rhapsody and Sonata recently and have not read Sonata yet, however I must ask, will there be more Butcher and Violinist series? Dirty Dancing/Dirty Desires with MIsha and Ava was steaming hot! Will there be more of them as well?

KW: There will def be more Butcher and the Violinist series. I would like to write about his cousins. Many have requested that Jean-Pierre and Eden have another book as well. I’m seriously thinking about it.

TWW: I read your bio online and I think it is so important and cool that you are well traveled. How much is the Lion and Mouse series influenced by your travels? What is your inspiration for any book you write?

KW: I would say the Lion and Mouse locations are all my dream list places. I’ve actually put together a KW Russia Readers Trip for July 2022. I’m only looking for the number of people who would be interested at this time, since global travel is put on pause. So far, I have a massive interested list that includes authors.

Anyone who is interested, the sign up form is this link:

TWW: You have an impressive resume: Navy, translating government documents into other languages, the various degrees. You caught the writing bug while attending law school,  was creating stories spontaneous or something you’ve always wanted to do but filed it away for later?

KW: I always liked playing with words. In high school, I wanted to be a rapper. By college and the military, I thought I would be a poet. Then I started with short stories and decided that novel writing was the way to go. After my first book, Fire Baptized, I haven’t looked back. This is truly my passion.

TWW: The scenes between Emily and Kazimir are WHEW! SCORCHING! Even the scenes in the other books you write- I love it! Now, are those scenes commanded by the pen or…or did the characters take over?

KW:The characters definitely take over all the writing. I always start with an outline and barely ever follow it. Currently, I’m writing book 6 and Kazimir has killed an important character, throwing me off my outline. I’m not sure where I will go from there. However, he always messes up my planning.

TWW: This next question of course is based on a sensitive topic concerning black girls and black women. Your novel Missing Hearts just released and of course I bought it and cannot wait to read it…With social media amping up the hate videos towards black women and black people in general, it is so refreshing to retreat into books where we are leaders and considered beautiful and where justice prevails for us.

How important do you feel it is to represent black women often as beautiful, desirable and strong at the same time?

KW: I love that diversity is becoming something that is important to readers and the entertainment industry. Some people have emailed me and said that they don’t like that I’m always writing about white men. I feel it is the complete opposite. I’m always writing about black women and all the different men that love them. I’ve had heroes from Tokyo to Paris, Jamaica to Miami. For me the interracial romance genre is about the various groups of people that fall in love.

TWW: Here’s a random word: DIAMONDS– what comes to your mind immediately?

KW: Luxury! I don’t wear them, but my heroines love them. Personally, I’m a fan of heroes that have no budget whatsoever. They can buy whatever they want. They can hop in their planes and go anywhere. And most of all, they love to spoil the hell out of the women they love!

TWW: Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer these questions, Miss Kenya Wright. Your work is appreciated!

Kenya Wright: Thank you so much! Blessings to you and your family!

Well, folks, hope you enjoyed this Q&A, if you’d like more of these kinds of posts or have a favorite author you’d like me to interview and/or read, post your comments and/or email. You can tweet me @thewriteweb

What is the Antidote to This Book Addiction?(Without Giving Up Books?)

Hi folks!

Image from Pixabay

Tell me I am not alone in talking books to people who may not be interested?

For instance, there is a book you are reading right now that is so darn amazing, so addicting, so out of this world that when you try to talk to your friends, your spouse, your family about it- they listen, usually but then their eyes gloss over and they tell you- “Enough with all of that. Join a book club!”

Perhaps they are not that mean, but us bookworms are pretty predatory when it comes to words and the only excitement we get are from these other worlds.

I have been reading the Saint series by Tiana Laveen. Such a gifted writer and I find myself just running my mouth more than usual. I mean, come on. The main character is super-hot. He is super intelligent, and he is a defender of a group of people that are not popular or protected. It is very unusual to encounter someone exactly like this and so I run my mouth off. Certain books get this reaction out of me.

Let me be frank here.

I enjoy reading and other things too. I am into Python Programming now. Just paid for the courses actually and I like to try my hand at sketching, so yeah, I am pretty multifaceted and love it. But where can bookworms go to discuss books they love with zero prejudice?

The easy answer could be Google and to start Zooming in some reader friends, but what would be the precise solution to begin a book club- not for books we all have to read at the same time, but for those of us who want at least a few minutes to talk about a special book in our lives?

I promise you I did not want to Google this question because I think this is a question for discussion and creative thinking.

Is just blogging the answer?

Podcasting with live call-ins?

Zooming weekly/daily/monthly?

What is the remedy for us bookaholics that have amazing books in our hands?

Thank you for tuning in and please stay tuned for the amazing interview I’ve had with none other than Kenya Wright author of the Russian Mafia series 🙂

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