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Fright of the Frostbitten-Upcoming Fiction

Below is a sneak peak from my upcoming, thrilling anthology Fright of the Frostbitten!

Cover may not be final

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I wonder about you.

I think you should keep speaking with Dr. Bowe, honey.


My husband’s eyes are pleading with me. His suitcase is still in hand as he stand before me. Our front door is open, letting in Jack Frost. I shiver and he finally closes it softly and sit his suitcase by the brown couch. I shake my head. This can’t be!

I was right here, speaking with a customer online. Five minutes later my husband walks in. I try to convince him that a whole nine hours slipped by and I didn’t even notice. How is it I missed such a large chunk of time?

I told the woman goodbye, have a nice day…

I sipped some coffee..

Felt a little sleepy but I blinked.

Sipped some more.

Then the key turns in the lock.

“I promise you, I did not fall asleep! I was right here on the laptop, talking with a customer. I blink and there you are.”

My husband sighs and takes me in his arms. “We are going to solve this. You hear me, Marnie Babe? We are going to solve this.” He pulls back and kisses my cheek. He inspects me more, piercing his eyes into mine before picking up his suitcase and going to the bedroom.

I hear the neighbor’s dog barking outside and an owl hooting somewhere in the distance. I pull my hair back with my hands and exhale slowly. “Come on, think Marnie! Did you fall asleep?” I question myself. Hoping an answer will fly down from the heavens and Bing! Answer delivered.

I am tempted to ask Google where the hell I may have went.

Did I go to sleep? Did I fall somewhere? Sleepwalk?

I don’t normally sleepwalk. I hear of cases where people do, but me? No. I barely have nightmares. Maybe once a year there is a strange dream I’d have, but sleepwalking?

For the last six months I would have periods of time missing. Chunks stolen right from me and for the life of me, I do not know why.

My husband, thank God for him, is patient and kind. He goes to work, pays the bills, make sure we are alright.

Checks on me from time to time.

Sometimes he gets busy and can’t call.

Sometimes, he comes home early, sometimes he don’t.

I wish he would come home on time often.

Now we live in a nice three bedroom home in the middle of Count Town, Maine. It is freezing up here and that is bad because I am a Floridian.

I am used to sunshine and maybe wet days and of course hot Christmases. I have a bikini body still even though I am pushing forty and I keep up my health.

Here, everything is frigid. We are miles away from the nearest grocer and mall and the fields stretch as far as the eye can see.

One night, I spotted a green glowing eyed wolf.

My husband said I have a wild imagination and Stephen King would be proud of me, perhaps I should write a book?

No. I am not interested in a book.

My neighbors…who are they? I don’t think I’ve seen another living soul since we moved here six months ago.

I keep up with my family by calling them, or using Skype.

My best friends are on Facebook so at least I see what they are doing.

I scrimped up enough change for a flight back to Florida soon. I’ve spoken with Bob about it, he’s okay with it but I can tell he is trying to keep Florida at bay.

I understand.

His new job involves being an accountant for a prominent business and he uses our one and only car to get to and from work.

With his next check, he will get me a car.

I can’t wait. The only times I am out is when he is off.

He is not off tomorrow.

Not the next day either.

I meet him in the bedroom just as he is pulling off his socks. The room now has a rancid odor.

“Wash your feet, Bob!”

“Join me in the shower!” He waggles his thick, brown eyebrows.

“I don’t know. Don’t want you to kill me with them things.” I peel off my thick, cotton sweater and peel off my clothes too.

We crowd in our luxurious tub together and have a good time, like old times. Once we are done, I pull on the warm, red silk pajama set my friend Christen Deen gave me as a wedding gift. I slip into and ask if my hubby wants some homemade pizza.

He is pulling on a white shirt, his muscles visible in his arms, evident of his workout regime in the mornings. “Sure, yeah. It’s Friday.”

I pull out the gluten free pizza bread, cheeses and homemade sauce. While taking out the bread, I realize I have a little red sauce under the bed of nails already. Odd.

I run the warm tap water and dig and pluck the red out.

Several of my nails on each hand has the red gunk under it and I wonder why I hadn’t noticed it before.

My husband’s back is to me, he is watching a game.

I go over and lift the back of his shirt.

“Marnie?” He turns.

“Just seeing if, ah, if I scratched you. I got skin, or blood under my nails, I think.”

“You did, but not deep,” he winks.

I don’t wink back.

Maybe one of the pizza packages or sauce packs had sauce under it or something. I shrug and finish the pizza.

An hour later we are cozying up, watching Rings.

I abhor scary movies.

My husband knows this and yet insisted on this? Just because to him, “it ain’t scary enough anyway.”

I pull out my cell phone halfway through the movie to text my mom. I am not in the mood for blood and gore.

Once it is done, my husband turns down the volume and takes my hand in his. “Is everything okay, Marnie Babe?”

I curl up then stretched my toes out on him. “Not really.”

His attention went to my toes and he played with them, gently wiggling each one. “Sorry. Maybe this place is gloomier than I thought.”

“Lonely too,” I poke out my bottom lip for effect.

“I know. My family is from here, but the job offer was too good to pass up. Now we have our own place and not living with roommates to save cash. Isn’t that good?”


“Well, how about once we get your car, we can maybe move in a more city area.”

“I want to go back to Florida,” I say softly. Firm. “I don’t like it here, Bob.”

“I see.” He stops wiggling my toes and watches the black screen, deep in thought.

I finally feel the effects of the food. I get really sleepy and I recall Bob lifting me up and placing me in bed. The covers feel so good and soft on my skin and I drift into the huge pillows and turn my cheek as he kisses it.

You are the perfect wife…

The perfect wife…


I snap awake. Eyes open and I see stars, white sparkling stars and hear the wolf.

I wake up because I felt something sharp.


I sit up and realize the coldness has seeped into my skin, my hair my face, my back and butt are icy and I think I am in the middle of…

“Where am I?”

I can’t see anything. I am freezing. Cold.

But there is something else.

I feel around me and I feel other soft bodies, cold bodies.

Unmoving bodies.

What the…?

I can’t see anything but the stars above.

They seem farther away than normal.

I am in a hole.

“HELLLLLLP!” I yell.

I feel a naked, cold body press against me when I move to stand. “HELLLLP!”

Oh God.

I try to pray, but I don’t know any prayers.

I close my eyes and-


“Marnie. Marnie!” My body is jerking to and fro, my husband’s gray eyes are big. “Where did you go?”

“I went nowhere but to sleep!”

Sleep?” His brow crinkles. For two days? Not here?” He whips out his cell phone.

I am in my same PJs and I touch my hair. It is wet. My brown strands dark and slick with cold water.

“Honey, jump in the bath. I ran a hot one for you and I have the heated blanket-”

“When did I get here?” I ask.

*If you’d like more of this short story, stay tuned for its conclusion and more in Fright of the Frostbitten. Tentative publishing date is February 2018!

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When It Is Too Much for Dancing Tulips(Senryus)


Here are some more senryus with a mixture of haiku in there. The subject of course, is love but poetry is open to many interpretations…Enjoy!


Is it too much for

Roses and tulips

To dance

Under bleeding trepidations?


Love is such a strong

Word when your flesh meet mine and

Gazes clash like thunder.


When words are solid

As rare stones and purity

Vows are crisp on paper



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Week 3 #HaikuChallenge2018, Senryus and Songs

Image Credit: Skitterphoto


We are officially in Week 3 of the HaikuChallenge2018!! 🙂 🙂

I really am hoping you participate because the Japanese form of poetry is not only stricter in form but also sparks the most creative, enlightening and brightening moment on the page. It is what Twitter is designed to do: Say much with little.

This week, find a song and use it to inspire a Senryu or haiku. Try using the 5-7-5 method as discussed in week 1 or find some examples online.

Below is my example of a senryu, inspired by Christon Gray’s “My Love is Real”

Let me show you love

wrapped in poems and roses

And then, a sweet sigh

I love receiving comments and shares! It brightens my day. So…go ahead…do it.

Love ya!


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You Can’t Read This Book Like Any Other Book

Photo Credit: Pixabay



**This is not meant to be a “preachy” post. Sorry. It is a post for those who love to read, but who discern the contents of any collected writings. Enjoy!

The bible is one of the most popular, bestselling, beloved and hated book of all time.

Even so, people still worry over whether the book containing “Dead Sea Scrolls” is really the voice of God, or stories penned from wildly imaginative people trying to give others hope.

I remember one discussion with someone years ago who stated, “It is not right to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation because then you are treating it as you would any other book.”

I did not have a comeback for that because I questioned myself: “Lord, am I disrespecting you for reading the bible front to back?”

Silly me.


I love reading all kinds of books and the preferable start is at the beginning of a story. You get maximum entertainment that way(unless you are reading choose your own ending books). However, the bible is different.

Since that discussion, I have “bible dipped”, choosing to read chapters and verses I felt I needed to read or that God whispered to me to read.

Then one day, I felt an urge to begin at the…


From the garden of Eden to the lake of fire.

I had to do this because when a person just dips into the center of the bible often, there is a whole journey that could be missing. There are still books of the bible I am unfamiliar with!

One day, I may feel the need to read from Revelation to Genesis. That would be cool.

The point I am trying to make here is that it is impossible to read the bible as a fairy tale whether you begin at Genesis or elsewhere. Impossible. It is a collection of prophecy, history, and divine letters.

This is not a post to preach, but hopefully an encouraging word for those bookworms who are Believers and who may have had this discussion before. I have read maybe hundreds of books in my lifetime so far, and let me tell you, when you are about to begin a book with collected writings of over a thousand years, you can never just read it as you would any other book.

Because it is not any other book. Even those who are not Believers can attest to this.

Anyway, these are just my morning thoughts. I love being random like this.

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Why Dean Koontz’s ‘The Silent Corner’ Earns Five Stars

the silent corner

The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz

Published by Bantam Books Mass Market Edition(2017)


Meet Jane Hawk.

Jane lost her husband about six months back to suicide, he left a note saying, “I very much need to be dead.”

How does a successful, happy, loving man leave his family all of sudden like that?

What Jane soon finds out is that many successful people are committing suicide in record numbers and when she puts the clues together, she finds a nefarious plot that will make your bones chill and your mind pray for safety, because…who can be safe?

The Driving Force Behind ‘The Silent Corner’

In my opinion, the ultimate force behind the magic of this book and any of Koontz’s novels are the snazzy, poetically written plots.

Moments are described in such brilliant motion, it makes you reread them:

 “…as though some wicked master of a form of origami akin to quantum mechanics spent the night folding the evils of the world into places that had once been less afflicted by them.”(from The Silent Corner, pg. 153, 2017)

We can classify this one as techno thriller, science fiction, dark fiction. However way you coin it, Jane Hawk’s revelation of what the shady side of the government is doing was fast paced and intricate. A complex plot with wicked, snarky smart villains really moves this 500+ page book along.

Then There’s Jane

Jane is a woman who is hurt.

She can’t trust but a small group of people and with her FBI training, kick ass attitude and rage driven by the death of her husband, she is no one to fool around with.

She is, in one word: Resolved.

She is not up for the foolishness. She is not taking prisoners. She is smart and sharp. Sometimes I felt she was too sharp but heck, she is a hero here. She is resolved because she has a five year old son who is now brought into a world of darkness that she even barely understands herself.

A person like Jane Hawk is perfect for this story.

As usual when reading a Koontz novel, I picture it as a movie.

There was a scene where the action was so well thought out, I wanted to turn on Netflix to see if I can catch it. Beautifully written.

Koontz does have The Whispering Room out now, and I definitely have to grab it up because it is the continuation of Jane Hawk and The Silent Corner. If you can, at least **click on the links above within this post to read a sample to see what I mean. It is that good.

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~The Write Web

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Week 2 #HaikuChallenge2018, What’s the Sin in Senryu?

panda pic from AD_photography

Welcome to Week 2 of the Haiku Challenge!

According to, “Senryu is a short poetic form which focuses on people: men, women, husbands, wives, children, relatives and other relations. It portrays the characteristics of human beings and psychology of the human mind.”

Your Challenge: Visit the site and read the wonderfully touching examples of senryu and create your own. Go ahead and have some fun!

Grab the scent of haiku if you love it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

**Please link back to this site and make sure to share across your social media networks using #HaikuChallenge2018. Don’t forget to comment on each other’s senryu(optional).

Tip: When entering a haiku contest or writing it for publication, check the guidelines to see if they prefer the 5-7-5. Knowing this can save you trouble! 😉

I have shared a few examples of my own here!

She touches the car,

mangled metal and burned tires-

Memories of dad


a very slim skirt,

pain pays for my fashion



His touch is her twin

They complete each other’s words

The dance of long vows

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The Lonely Cry of Man’s Best Friend

daniel frank photo of dog
Image found on


Black dog in the street

Lit up like a golden god

Under cold sunlight

Wash the world in light

Shadowed people hide in homes

Morning bleeds to noon

The bark is lonely

The cry of man’s best friend

Drowns in the quiet

Hope you enjoyed my “stringed haiku”. To check out this challenge, click on this link and join in the fun! Thanks!